Basic Party Pack Square Plates and Cutlery

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Now: £16.99
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Large plates, Forks, Spoons and Knives
Large Plates:
9 x 9 inch (23 x 23 cm) approx.
16cm long
Biodegradable palm leaf plates; Birch wood cutlery

Product Overview

Party pack of eco-friendly square plates and cutlery – Ideal for weddings, parties, corporate and catering events.

High quality - Suitable for any type of food - hot, cold, dry, wet, sticky, sweet, spicy – you name it!

Stylish – Jazz up your party with our stylish and versatile dinnerware.

Great alternative to disposable plastic/paper plates and bowls – Are you doing your bit for the environment?

Sturdy – Does not bend or collapse under weight, hold your food confidently with one hand – who doesn’t like a little freedom!

A true gift from nature – Made from naturally fallen Areca palm leaves, gently cleaned with water and heat pressed to desired shapes and sizes.

Unique natural woody textures - Each product is uniquely different and a true reflection of the infinite shapes and manifestations of mother nature.

Eco-friendly, bio-degradable and compostable – when used, can go straight into food waste or home compost bins.

Easy and safe disposal into fire pits during camping trips and barbeques.

Microwave and freezer safe.