About Us

FOOGO green is built on a simple vision to bring eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable products to everyone’s reach. We offers a wide range of natural and eco-friendly products that are a great alternative to plastic disposables. When used, our products degrade naturally and go back to the hands of Mother Nature, where they came from.

The world is full of choices. Some choices are easy, and some aren't. When it comes to protecting our planet from plastic pollution and preventing masses of single use plastic going to landfill, the choice is simple – use products that are planet friendly and do not harm or pollute the environment.      

Palm Leaf Dinnerware

about-us-image-areca-palm3.jpgOur exquisite Palm Leaf Dinnerware range is nothing but a drop of nature in its pure and unadulterated form. Areca Palm trees are found in plenty in many asian countries and naturally shed their dry leaves all round the year. These leaves are inherently strong and highly durable and are what makes our beautiful palm leaf plates and bowls.

The fallen leaves are collected and cleaned in fresh water before they are put through a hot-compress. The heat magically transforms the humble leaf into elegant dinnerware, ready to add a touch of magic to any dinner table. The finished products have a natural woody texture and every plate and bowl is uniquely different just like the tree it came from. Sturdy and durable, our dinnerware can withstand moderate temperatures in the microwave and the chilly racks of the refrigerator. 

Try our Palm Leaf range and we doubt you will ever go back to using plastic dinnerware. 


Bamboo Straws

bamboo-straws2.jpgThis fast growing miracle plant is rightly regarded as the most highly renewable plant resource in the world. Unlike many other plants, bamboo grows easily, self-regenerates through its roots and does not require chemicals and pesticides. Highly resilient, Bamboo can be grown literally anywhere making it a highly sustainable resource.

We have ingeniously transformed this favourite food of panda into eco-friendly straws that are sure to put their plastic counterparts to shame. Be it a refreshing summer smoothie or a warm winter hot chocolate, Bamboo straws work just fine. Stylish and durable, you are sure to find yourself re-using them for eons to come.