Environmental accreditations

Our commitment to helping the planet is at the core of our business’ mission. It informs our production processes and the life cycles of our products: from the collection of raw materials to the disposal of utensils at their end of their useful lives.

Environmental and social responsibility are key tenets of the vision we hold for our organisation. As guiding principles for the ways in which we conduct our business operations, we take our approach to these ideals seriously.

However, it can be challenging to square the demands of business and manufacturing with an honest, transparent, and meaningful commitment to environmental and social good.

Striving for recognised certifications is a helpful way that we, as a business, remain accountable for our actions in the wider world, while providing evidence of a continued commitment to our guiding principles. It also motivates us to stay focused on those goals. 


Our certifications

We are pleased to have received recognition from two established certifying bodies which oversee adherence to rigorous environmental and managerial standards. Their programmes also facilitate social and economic initiatives and reinforce the rights of marginalised communities.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

The FSC is perhaps the world’s foremost accreditation body when it comes to setting standards for responsible forest management. Their certifications are intended to redress the contribution of poor business practices to deforestation and loss of biodiversity.

FOOGO Green has attained the FSC’s chain-of-custody certification. This is provided to manufacturers that use forest-based materials, as we do in our range of biodegradable tableware.

The chain-of-custody certification is an indication of our commitment to sourcing sustainable materials, and the application of strict standards – from the collection and processing of raw materials, through to the distribution of finished products.

In addition, FSC certification is also independent proof that ethical labour practices and agreements are in place for the workers who harvest and process the materials. Not only do they receive a fair wage, they are also given proper training and safety provisions.

Communities living in and around the forests must also be consulted, and their legal and cultural rights to the land respected.



ClimatePartner is a leading global provider of climate action and sustainability solutions for businesses. A key focus of the organisation is to help businesses achieve a five-step plan to reduce emissions, and then make a financial contribution to global climate projects.

The plan involves businesses:

•             calculating their carbon footprint

•             setting reduction targets

•             taking action to reduce emissions

•             contributing financially to climate projects

•             publicising their actions to increase awareness  

FOOGO Green has been certified by ClimatePartner as a supplier of carbon neutral product. This means our carbon footprint has been calculated in terms of kilos of CO2 produced during the stages of making and supplying our goods, e.g.

•             manufacturing

•             processing

•             packaging

•             transportation

•             other indirect emissions, such as commuting to work.

The total is fully offset through the provision of financial support to certified carbon offset projects.

A range of global climate initiatives have benefited from our carbon offset contributions, including wind energy projects in India and Brazil, the supply of cookstoves to reduce deforestation in Uganda, and a forest protection scheme for the indigenous peoples of Colombia.


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