Wholesale Small Bamboo Skewers, Round (15cm)

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15 cm / 6 inches
Organic bamboo (naturally grown)
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Product Overview

Dimensions - 15 cm / 6 inches

Shape - Round

Premium quality and sturdy – Made from high quality naturally grown bamboo, our skewers are extremely sturdy. The skewers are perfect for barbecues, grills and kebabs. They can also be used for holding tall layers of burgers and sandwiches together.

Long skewers with plenty of room to stack layers of meat and vegetables.

Eco-friendly and sustainable – Bamboo is a miracle plant that grows rapidly (upto 4 inches in 24 hours!!) and does not require any fertilisers and pesticides. Together with our earth conscious PLASTIC FREE packaging, this is as eco-friendly and sustainable as it can get.

Pointed tip and smooth polished surface (no splinters) help the skewers slide easily through meat, fruits and vegetables.

Biodegradable and home compostable – when used, can go straight into compost bin or food waste bin. The bamboo skewers can be easily and safely disposed into fire pits during camping trips and barbecues.