Sugarcane FAQs

Frequently asked questions about disposable bagasse dinnerware

What is sugarcane bagasse made from?

Sugarcane products are made from the fibre that is left behind once juice is extracted from sugarcane. Then, the fibre is mixed with water and pressed into different shapes using high temperature moulds.

How is sugarcane bagasse different from paper products?

Bagasse is more eco-friendly than paper products. Unlike paper plates and bowls, sugarcane tableware doesn’t harm any trees since sugarcane byproducts are used to create disposable tableware. When regular trees are cut down, it can take 20 years to grow back.

Is deforestation involved in the manufacturing of your tableware?

Deforestation is not directly involved in the manufacturing of sugarcane tableware because it only uses leftover fibre after the juicing process. 

Are sugarcane bagasse products sturdy?

Yes, sugarcane products are much sturdier than disposable paper or plastic products. They’re also leakproof and great for oily or greasy foods. While plastic and foam products are flimsy and can release toxic chemicals, sugarcane products are 100% food safe.

Are sugarcane bagasse products microwavable?

Yes, it’s safe to use sugarcane plates, bowls, and takeaway containers for reheating food in the microwave and can withstand temperatures up to 220°F.

Are sugarcane takeaway containers fridge and freezer safe?

Yes, our takeaway containers are perfect for storing excess food and even the plates and bowls are safe for food storage in a fridge or freezer.

Can sugarcane plates and bowls be reused?

Yes, even though they are disposable, it’s possible to wipe or wash and reuse plates and bowls if they’re not too dirty. They can even be used multiple times!

Should I wash the tableware before first use?

Our tableware is ready for use when it's received and does not need to be washed to be used.

Is sugarcane bagasse compostable?

Yes! One of the main advantages of bagasse is that it biodegrades quickly and doesn’t release harmful chemicals. In fact, bagasse is a carbon rich addition to your backyard compost pile.

Can I place wholesale or bulk orders?

Yes, please visit our wholesale and bulk orders page or write to us using the contact form