Reusable Bamboo Straws with Cleaning Brush 10pcs

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20cm long (approx.)
Inner diameter:
Mix of 4mm and 6mm thick straws
100% natural biodegradable bamboo shoots
Additional info:
Suitable for juices, smoothies and milkshakes

Product Overview

Dimensions - 20 cm tall, each pack has a mix of 4 mm and 6 mm thick straws.

10 Reusable Bamboo Straws with Cleaning Brush – Each straw is approximately 20 cm tall. Comes in two sizes in the same box – 4 mm inner diameter, ideal for drinking juices and 6 mm inner diameter, ideal for smoothies.

Eco friendly and Sustainable – Bamboo is a fast-growing miracle plant and is considered the most highly renewable plant resource in the world. Unlike many other plants, bamboo grows easily, self-regenerates through its roots and does not require chemicals and pesticides. Highly resilient, Bamboo can be grown literally anywhere making it a highly sustainable resource.

Suitable for hot and cold drinks - Be it a refreshing summer smoothie or a warm winter hot chocolate, Bamboo straws work just fine.

Luxurious, Stylish and Durable, you are sure to find yourself re-using them for eons to come. The straws are elegantly branded at one end for a luxurious finish and comes in plastic free packaging.

100% Natural – May need a wash before first use to get rid of any residual pith, though the pith is 100% natural.