Wholesale Disposable Wheat Drinking Straws

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20cm long (approx.)
Biodegradable naturally grown wheat stems
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Not suitable for smoothies and milkshakes
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Product Overview

Available in multiple quantities, our eco-friendly disposable straws are ideal for catering and events. We offer amazing prices for wholesale and bulk purchases.

Dimensions - 20 cm tall

Disposable wheat straws - Ideal for cocktails, kids birthday parties, weddings, bars, corporate events and anywhere where plastic or paper straws are used.

100% natural - A natural by-product of wheat harvests, the wheat straws are collected after the grains are harvested. They are then washed, dried and packed in plastic free boxes.

Say goodbye to soggy straws – Unlike its paper counterpart, wheat straws don't soak in water and can be left for hours in the drink.

Gluten free – Yes, you heard it right! The straws are made from the hay leftover after the wheat grain is harvested and classified as gluten free.

Compostable – When used the straws can go happily into the compost bin or food waste.