Carbon Neutral


FOOGO Green have been certified carbon neutral! 

We will be offsetting 1,180 tonnes of CO2 emissions this year, which is something we are very proud of. 

Part of our carbon neutrality is contributing to green initiatives around the world. Our current chosen project helps provide more sustainable cooking resources in India – where we source our palm leaves.


Currently over 700 million people cook over an open fire in India. Cooking fires release particles into the air which negatively impact air quality, damaging health and the environment. People also spend a lot of time finding firewood and cooking in this way.

By investing in programs which support the local economy and help families acquire more efficient cooking resources, energy is used more effectively and air quality is improved. Efficient stoves also reduce cooking time with less need to gather firewood. As many women often do this job, this helps improve gender equality.


Besides offsetting the carbon used in making our products – all the way through gathering our materials, manufacturing and transporting our products to clients to the product’s end-of-life – funding these projects could help to save an additional 100,000 tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere each year.


We are investing in three projects: 

1) India :

2) Colombia:

3) Brazil:


If you want to read more about the projects we are investing in, or view our certificate, you can view our Climate Partner Page here.